Annandale, VA

"What does it mean, to Be True To You"

...My main philosophy in life and to finding true happiness is being true to yourself and trusting your gut. I set my own levels of success because, to me, those are the only levels that matter and they make me the happiest


Baltimore, MD

"What does it mean to Be True To You"

...Children need positive role models, especially those coming from hard home lives and/or war torn nations. Seeing a strong woman show love to others NO MATTER WHAT, is vitally important for our youth, especially now.


Miss Staten Island  2016

"What does it mean to Be True To You"

...Being true to you means being 100% authentic, 100% of the time. It's having the courage to not only follow your own heart, but to also share your heart with others. Be bold, be brave, be YOU!


Marlborough, Massachusets

"What does it mean to Be True To You"

...Kids deserve to have a childhood that's as happy and safe as humanly possible. In order to reach their maximum potential in school and life, they need space to build confidence and be comfortable with their unique, creative self expression. Team BTTY inspires just that.


New York, New York

"What does it mean to Be True To You" 

...We are all in this life together as brothers and sisters. Together let's work as a well oiled machine, every piece working toward the same goal- harmony, balance, and being a part of every project or life goal as a team. 


Astoria, New York


Muscle Shoals, AL

"What does it mean to, Be True To You"

...Ever since I was a kid, I have always been my own person. I've never wanted to be like anyone else. I believe that everyone should be who they want to be, not who society says they should be. I'm excited to make a difference in a NEW way. TeamBTTY helps me to do just that.


Astoria, New York